‘Ronaldo Felipe’

Through years in the confectioner's world I have acquired exceptional experience, qualifying me to produce products of the highest quality.

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Creación del mejor biscocho Tres Leches, Bakery y Catering in New York | StudioNQ.com

About us!

Felipe inherited the art of pastry from his grandmother, who he watched as a child prepare confectionery delights in the Dominican Republic. After moving to New York City and tasting Tres Leches cakes, he knew that he could improve them. With his wife Luisa, they began to develop an original recipe for this tasty dessert. Felipe then received high demands for his delectable product, resulting in his decision to launch his pastry creations in large quantities. This is how Three Milks Cafe by God's Grace came to be.

Tres Leches La Gracia de Dios
Tres Leches Cafe | Foto: StudioNQ.com

Tropical Caribbean
Our flavorful three milks cake filled with pineapple jam and pieces of this tropical fruit..


Exotic guava
Our three milks cake surrounded in guava pulp which gives a special touch to the dessert..


Tropical mix
An exquisite mixture of tropical fruits (strawberries, kiwis, mandarins, and cherries) are united with our three milks cake.

Bizcocho Tres Leches

Tres Leches La Gracia de Dios